Facilitating Audit In Government

AuditOnline is a configurable platform enabling Government entities to facilitate their internal and external audits and to comply with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India’s (CAG) defined standards and guidelines. It aids effective auditing by ensuring tracking & monitoring of end-to-end auditing process including follow-up of audit observations, audit paras and action taken on audit paras It has significantly simplified scheme-based audit of Panchayats' accounts at all three levels (District, Block, and Village). Envisaged to record details as per the state-specific audit manuals, along with the capabilities to serve the purpose of maintaining past audit records of the auditee with an associated list of the auditors assigned and the audit team involved in the act while setting out as an impeccable tool for Audit, improvising transparency & accountability And since auditing is a critical business requirement hence AuditOnline’s architectural aptness may be utilized to facilitate Urban Local Bodies (ULB) and Line department audits with a little alteration

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Easy Steps to Configure AuditOnline

  • Define Configuration by specifying Auditor and Auditee and Type of Audit (Internal/External) 1
  • Define Process Flow by specifying all tasks and its Mapping 2
  • Define Category/Sub-Category and Dynamic Form (Case Sheet/Fact Sheet) 3
  • Define Report Template for generation of Audit Report 4
  • Constitute Audit team and Assign team to Auditee 5
  • Ready to Use

Featutres of Audit Online Ensuring Transparency Accountability

Fully Configurable

Fully Configurable Desc Configurable for both Internal/External Audit of PRIs, ULB and Line Department.

Workflow Enabled

Allows any type of work flow to be configured. Seamlessly maps the processes of Auditor/ Auditee and between Auditor and Auditee.

Categories/Sub Categories

Enables qualitative tags for audit observations into categories/sub categories

Dynamic Form Designer

Dynamic Form Designer allows designing the forms for Case Record and Fact Sheet easily and dynamically keying in the formulas and necessary fields with required validations.

Customizable Reports

Allows generation and download of various graphical reports in PDF and Excel formats for easy analysis and monitoring based on customizable Report Templates.

Notification Designer

Get notified for everything you receive in AuditOnline via Email/SMS/ System based alerts by configuring the notifications at various trigger points.

Audit Team and Audit Schedule

Enables easy constitution and managing of audit teams and preparing the audit schedule by assigning team to an Auditee.

Easy Communication and Follow-up

Captures complete process of the audit and enables reply and follow up instantaneously and amenable for analysis and monitoring.